VarCity Studios

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Package: Website Design + Branding with e-commerce

Business: Fitness and health

VarCity Studios is a company that partners with local fitness studios in NYC to fill excess gym capacity with classes for teens. Their whole mission is dedicated to making the world's best lifestyle and wellness brands accessible to teenagers - how cool is that? I was so excited to work with Dan and the team on bringing their brand and website to life.


Adjectives that Dan used to describe what he wanted VarCity to embody were words like "cool, young, exciting, fit, healthy, and fun". He mentioned that his target audience are the "Justin Bieber's and Kendell Jenner's of the world" so I kept that in mind when curating images for our mood board. After several revisions we ended up loving the mix of black, pink and blue in the final mood board below (left). Taking inspiration from this board, we moved on to developing the logos and brand assets. We wanted to keep it simple, modern and clean but add a touch of flair. I think we nailed it by mixing this clean crisp font partnered with a fun pop of color.

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For the website, I made sure to keep things consistent with the color scheme and chose a template that would easily evolve with their brand. Since community is a huge part of VarCity Studios, we wanted the home page to reflect that by highlighting #varcitylife blog posts and social media. It's easy for teens (and parents) to sign up for classes directly from the landing page also.

Dan and his partners were fantastic to work with in collaborating to build a brand and website. I'm so excited to see where their business takes them!

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