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Package: Custom | redesign existing website

Business: consultant

Michael, owner of Lawrite Consulting, needed help updating his existing Squarespace site. His main concerns were the overall flow of the website, creating and keeping up with a blog page, and improving his SEO.

We tackled improving the flow of his website by ensuring only the necessary pages and content were shown. I began removing "fluff" content, reconfiguring the layout of his website, and placing information strategically based on his target client. I also created his blog page and helped Michael navigate how to add, write, and post entries. To ensure his SEO is up to par, I updated image labels, ensured all the content shared is relevant and helpful, his page titles and navigation menu were consistent and labeled correctly, and he shared appropriate links and references throughout his website.

To view Michael's website, visit Lawrite Consulting.

I am very pleased with the high quality, professional work. I also am pleased that my preferences and concerns are understood and accounted for in the process. All work is done in a timely manner and with a friendly attitude. Dakota & Co. adds real value to my business.
— Michael, Lawrite Consulting

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