Breanna + Jon | Couples shoot in Austin, Texas

I had the pleasure of meeting Breanna late last year while helping a friend with her floral wreath making workshop. She and her husband, Jon, are both entrepreneurs in Austin working on building businesses they love. Which, if you know me, then you know how much I love connecting with passionate people who are doing what it takes to follow their dreams! 

Breanna contacted me with a clear vision for this shoot. She wanted to combine a couples session in order to have updated photos of the two of them with individual headshots they could use on social media and their respective websites.

We decided to meet at The Long Center for that great mix of downtown and nature and about 4 other photographers had the same idea that night. I was waiting for Breanna and Jon by the stairs and almost missed them because they showed up looking like freakin' models. Seriously, I thought they had been cast by some fashion company to promote their clothes, that's how good they looked. Just see for yourself below.

Breanna and Jon - y'all were so much fun to chat with and photograph! Thank you for trusting me and letting me drag you around to every nook of the Long Center for these images!

Austin Texas Photographer