Well-directed images, ready for web and social media, for oh-so-busy female entrepreneurs..

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Your business needs original, web-ready images all the time, but do you want to focus on taking pictures all the time? Probably not. You have better things to do.


Hire a brand photographer who knows how to capture authentic brand visuals in a process that saves you time.


With 90-days’ worth of images from one fun shoot, you will have what you need to take your brand from basic to awesome.

// Social & Web Ready Images

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Forget prints and think: digital images, consistent in style, and flexible enough to do business. You want a bank of photos to throw some text on, filter and use on your website, social media, newsletters, products, and wherever else they are needed—no need to give credit.


Authentic Brand Storytelling

So much better than a selfie or those dreaded professional head shots, go beyond being the face of your brand and have a personality. We’ll tell your stories with images that captures who you are, your workspace, a and a range of emotions. With these images you’ll be able to craft what you want your audience to feel.


Save Time and Plan Ahead

We both know how important personal branding images are and that you have something better to do. Don’t compromise. The process is designed to get you a 90-day bank of photos in one efficient session, every quarter. This way, you don’t waste time taking photos, and you can save time planning your social media in advance.


Detail-Oriented Shoots

Dakota & Co. only works with 12 clients a year to ensure each gets the individual attention they deserve. It’s about showing up with a plan, homework done, ready to listen, and taking the time to make you feel comfortable and confident on shoot. By limiting the number of clients, there’s more time for each detail in every step of the process.


Images That Convert

The real reason we’re here is to raise your bottom line. Grow your business with images that make a lasting first impression, attract the customers you want, and evoke an emotional response. It’s not enough to have a pretty picture, you need images that convert business.

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Most people are nervous to be in front of the camera, and even more so to put that image online. But here’s the thing, specializing in personal brand photography means I won’t let you get away with staged or unflattering photos. We’ll talk though your story, your goals, and how we can use images to get there. We’re going to have fun and we’re going to get a lot of cool images that you feel confident in and deserve your customer’s attention.


Shelly Borga | Owner of Dakota & Co.

I’m Shelly.
I call Austin, Texas my home.
I’m always up for a hike that ends with pizza.
I named my company after the love of my life, my husky.
And I help amazing women tell their brand story through images.

I threw off the cooperate shackles twice (once obviously wasn’t enough) to live all over the world and find a career I really care about. I found photography, and more than that, I found personal brand photography.

It’s one thing to take a pretty picture, anyone with an iPhone can do that, but personal brand photography needs a special touch.

Personal brands need high-quality images that convert views into customers and customers into fans. They need a range of images that can stand out on Instagram, carry text as an ad, or convey the right mood for a return policy page. And let’s face it, we’re entrepreneurs, not models, so a brand shoot needs ample planning and direction to make sure it’s done right.

But there’s one thing entrepreneurs need more than anything else:


So, as a business owner myself who deeply understands this challenge, I created a process to save time. Every quarter, I meet with my clients for just one, short session. Within a week, I hand over 90-days’ worth of brand images. As it turns out, this saves my clients even more time because they can schedule three months of marketing at once.

I love being a personal brand photographer. I get to work with passionate women, make them feel great on shoot day, and watch my photography help them grow their business. What’s not to love?

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How it Works

CAll Me on Your Coffee Break

First, leave me your details, shoot me an email, or call me on your coffee break¬—whatever is easiest for you. We’ll either talk right then and there or set up a time to have a casual conversation about what you want. You’ll be able to ask questions about my process, availability and prices, and I’ll be able to ask questions about your business needs, brand, and expectations.

I have standard packages available, but think of these as guidelines. For example, some businesses only want the one shoot per quarter, others will want me to photograph company events every now and then too. Once we pin down what you need, I’ll send over your custom quote and contract.

Plan the Magic

The first shoot requires a little more input from the client, just so I can get to know your brand. But hey, even Harry Potter had to do some homework to get the magic right.

I’ll send over a brand questionnaire (which you can complete on your own or go over together) and you can send me your brand guidelines, inspiration, vision boards or whatever might be helpful for me to understand your brand. We’ll schedule a consultation to get on the same page and pick a shoot date. Then, I’ll get to work making sure venues, models, props and everything in between is confirmed and ready to go on shoot day. And after the initial onboarding and shoot, you’ll feel like I’m an integrated part of your team.

Make it Happen

On shoot day, all you’ll need to do is show up and have fun. We’ll have a plan in place and work efficiently to get though it. You can rely on me to provide direction to get the best shot. I’ll tell things like when a step to the left makes a difference, how to angle your face for the most flattering light, and to smile at me like you have a secret. And when it’s done, it’s done. I respect your time and want you to get back to running your business.

After the shoot, my calendar is booked to edit and send your images to you as fast as possible. Within a week, you’ll receive 90 edited, social and web-ready images. You can hand these over to your comms team and plan out your entire quarter’s social media and more with your charming bank of photos.


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Find more time to grow your business (or even relax) with a personal brand photographer who “gets it.”