2018 Travel Schedule

Banff Alberta Canada Photography.jpg

This schedule is based on current bookings and my own travel plans so it is subject to change. That being said, I am usually always open to add in new places!
Check out the list below and let's connect if it looks like we're going to cross paths! If you are hoping to book something that does not correspond with the dates below,
please feel free to reach out and I will see what I can make work!

January // Austin, TX | Dallas, TX
February // Austin, TX
March // Banff, Alberta, Canada | Houston, TX
April // Austin, TX | Phoenix, AZ | Sedona, AZ | Grand Canyon, AZ | Page, AZ
May //  Austin, TX | Waco, TX
June // Austin, TX | Albuquerquem, NM | Zion National Park, Utah
July // Austin, TX | Yosemite National Park, California | Joshua Tree, California
August // Austin, TX | Buffalo, NY | Niagara Falls, NY | Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September // Austin, TX
October // Austin, TX | Asheville, NC
November // Austin, TX
December // Austin, TX



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